Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gemini Too ~ What Else To Get a Gemini

We already covered your basic Gemini stuff in regards to finding the perfect gift. They’re curious and inquisitive and like learning new things, they like a wide variety of styles and looks, they have a quirky sense of humor, and they really, really, REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY need to communicate and connect with other people. This is all pretty common knowledge if you’ve been paying attention. So here are a few things you won’t hear quite so often that will give you insight into this changeable and enigmatic sign.

While Gemini's do have wide ranging and eclectic taste and enjoy variety, having a constant smorgasbord of options and never ending variety to choose from is probably not a good thing. The very fact that there are so many options and possibilities can make it very difficult for this open minded sign to make a decision at all, let alone stay committed to it. Life is always changing and they’re an adaptable kind of person, so it’s easy to leave things open while they endlessly debate all the various decision influencing factors. Too many things to choose from can lead to a chronic state of indecision and endless internal debate in this overly analytical air sign, and can even have a paralyzing effect. Simplifying and streamlining their routines and patterns makes life much easier and removes a lot of distraction.

Just because a Gemini likes almost every color in the rainbow and looks good in most of them, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for them to have an enormous wardrobe with a huge variety of clothes. Imagine going through an intense analysis and debate every morning about the best thing to wear that day! Which color is most harmonious to their vibration of the moment? How dressed up they should be to feel most at home in what variety of situations throughout the day? A dress with stockings and heels or cargo pants with lots of pockets? Silk or denim? A stylish suit or a funny t-shirt? Dramatic black or rainbow tie-dye? They might never make it out of the house with all that to consider!

In fact, many of you Gemini’s would do well to consider Albert Einstein’s philosophy on the perfect wardrobe: find something that really works for you and then buy a whole bunch of just that. Find out what you’re comfortable in and then have it ready to put on every morning, sort of the “uniform” approach to wardrobe strategy. Everything matches, it's all the right size, take one of each off the rack and go. (Better take two shoes. Socks are optional.) Why set up the same gauntlet of confusing decisions to navigate every day? Think of all the time you save for more interesting things!

So if you're looking for a gift, don’t set your favorite Gemini up with some complicated new shiny toy that’s going to require they analyze and make decisions every time they use it (unless it's the latest smart phone or tablet.) They don’t need any help making their lives more complicated, help them simplify instead. What can you offer to help them stay organized and free from distractions? What tools might help them streamline life so all that creative energy can go be creative?

Some other things to keep in mind, they really appreciate symmetry and balance in design, and things like fractals and geometric art, patterns with mathematical precision, spirals, and their innately dual nature relates particularly closely to the Taoist Yin and Yang Symbol of balance, harmony, wholeness and completion. Also, they really like it when things match. Consider items that come as part of matching sets as they crave a world that is visually cohesive.

Here's a selection of Gemini appropriate products, and you can find many more at our shop Design Your World.

Gemini's are full of ideas and usually juggling too many of them. How about a notebook or journal to write things down in?

Here are some collections that come with many matching and ready to coordinate designs:

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