Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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And if you need something for a Virgo birthday gifts, below is a selection of Virgo Mugs to start you thinking:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Last Minute Gifts for Late Leos

Still need a birthday gift for a late Leo this year? Well what are you sitting here reading this for!? You'd better scurry off that comfy spot and find a gift worthy of Zodiacal Royalty!

Actually, the Sun will be in the sign of Leo for almost another two weeks, so you may still have time. But don't plan on just throwing something together at the last minute. Leos expect, and receive, better than that. Even if your budget is small, make sure you get something unique, striking in some way, made from quality workmanship, and something that stands out in just because it's really cool. Something personalized, say with their name or initials on it, is perfect. It shows you thought ahead and got something designed especially for them. It will be unique and stand out and they'll be able pounce on it and hold it down with a mighty paw and claim it "mine!" I'm being a little silly, of course, picturing in my mind more than one cat I've known well. Like a cat, Leos are playful and love to laugh, but don't even try to take their favorite toy.

So whatever age and interest level your Leo is at, think "special" or "custom" and "unique." And bright and colorful, unless you're dealing with an especially conservative Lion. A place like Zazzle is the perfect place to shop for a Leo, with millions of designs by artists from around the world, and most items ready to customize, you can find that totally unique gift, get it in their favorite color and add their name or initials to it. Plus get it custom printed on demand, shipped out quickly, all the while making it look easy and never breaking a sweat. Perfect!

Here are a few ideas to start you thinking about what would make the day for the Lion in your life. Then jump on over to Zazzle. (Hint, the links are all around you ;-) and find the perfect, special item they'll love. Remember that little extra customization will go along way in making them feel truly special and appreciated.

Leo Gift Ideas

Leo Taiji Keychain
Leo Taiji Keychain by spuriousink
Design your own photo keychain online at zazzle.com