Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ornaments are On Sale Today So We Had to Peak at a Few

Zazzle announced a $5 discount on any two ornaments for today only. Gosh, can you believe Christmas is only a couple of months away? The spirit hasn't hit me yet, but I'm determined to welcome it wholeheartedly again this year. There were so many changes in my life the last few years that I took a couple of Christmases off. This year I will be there in spirit, if not in over-flowing pocketbook.

So I peaked at few ornaments this morning. It would take weeks to see them all on Zazzle, so I thought I'd just do a few at a time,

You'll find a large and growing ornament department in our latest, and as yet, unfinished store. We've split the ornaments up into categories like funny, cute, mystical, magical, Christian, Spiritual, photograph, etc. What categories would you like to see? Tell us what you want to find and we'll do our best to make sure it's there for you.

Keep checking back there as we're adding new pages every day. More when we're not dealing with other mysteries of the Universe like why all our sub-menus suddenly migrated to become individual links, making chaos out of our beautifully created order. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS! Half a morning trying to fix it myself and the other half trolling WordPres forums (unsuccessfully) looking for help. It would be one thing if they changed after I changed something. But, they were working fine and then they weren't. All I did was drag and drop a little. Anybody else run into this before?

You'll find us at http://www.urock-design-the-world.com

Unless, of course, you're looking for a gift for a musician in your life because then you'll absolutely want to be at Gifts for Musicians.

Some Ornaments for your mid-day entertainment. ;-)