Friday, September 13, 2013

The Perfect Gift to Make a Virgo Feel Loved

Your Virgo probably won't remind you it's their birthday, or drop any hints about presents. They probably wouldn't even mention it if you forgot. They'd tell themselves that birthdays aren't important, anyway, and their birthday, especially, isn't important. They don't need presents and they don't like being fussed over. They really don't want a surprise party, or any party at all, for that matter. They don't like being the center of attention, and are often more than a little shy.

But, the truth is, if your Virgo's birthday comes and goes without your ever acknowledging it or finding a way to tell them how awesome they are, under their very rational exterior, their feelings will be hurt. At least a little. They probably won't even blame you, if you do forget. They'll insist it doesn't matter while covering up a secret belief that if they were really awesome enough no one would forget, because when people are amazing, no one forgets them or their birthday. Virgos all too often fall prey to the belief that they are merely ordinary, and best suited to serve the more extraordinary among us.

But, chances are if you have a Virgo in your life, you know better than this, and see them for the exceptional human beings that they are. So do remember, at least a couple of times a year to do something tangible that shows you appreciate your special Virgo for all that they are and all the little things they do every day to make your life better. They really do need to know that you know.

Virgo natives are thoughtful and analytical in whatever they do, and so, too, must you be when it comes to selecting the perfect gift. Just any old thing that you picked up at random, or because it was convenient, will not do, even if it is extravagant and expensive. Virgos are very particular, and what you select for them will show a lot about your observational skills, and how well you know your own dear Virgo. Have you been paying attention? What have you noticed about their style? What colors and types of material do they wear? What are the color schemes in their home decor? Do they go for cute or elegant? Muted or bold? Dramatic or traditional? Rainbows or black? Do they prefer natural fibers and soft Earth tones? What styles does your Virgo look comfortable in? Are they all about conservative gray silk suits? Or more suited to a pink and glitter girly look? Are they most at home in t-shirts and jeans? Or are they rocking a colorful, new age, flowing kind of hippie boho thing? You can tell a lot about their inner personality from the styles they choose, but also about what really matters to them.

Whatever category of gift you're thinking of, you should take the time to thoughtfully analyze what your Virgo chooses and why. They're generally very intelligent and practical, and have a good reason for every picky little detail they insist on having just so. At least when it comes to the things that they think are important. Whatever they are really into, they are REALLY INTO, and they'll have high standards and seek perfection in every aspect.

Now, I can toss out some stereotypical Virgo areas of affinity and they will seem surprisingly accurate a fair amount of the time, but I can't possibly know what your Virgo's really into as well as you do. Most Virgos are quite unique, and have developed a special fascination with a few specific things. You should know what those things are, even if you don't understand them.

When I think in broad generalities, I associate the sign Virgo with nurturers, healers and people that make and grow things. Virgos often have exceptional abilities in areas like massage and gardening, tend to prefer clean living and pure food, avoid chemical additives and unnatural fibers, are environmentally conscious and keep things clean and organized. But, in reality, most of the Virgos in my inner circle have been bass players. Exceptional bass players, in fact. And other than that, they have little else in common, and none of them are especially organized, eat healthy diets or grow their own food. Of the two Virgo bass players closest to my heart, one's a sports fanatic and the other was into audio recording, mystical sources of energy, computers, crystals and ancient brass and jade artifacts from China.

So, I have two points to make here, I guess. One is that I have no idea what your Virgo is into, but you do. The other is that I lost one of my two special Virgos a little less than a year ago. It was unexpected. And since I hadn't been around much the year before, I didn't see him on his last birthday, and when he died I was left with a broken heart and mouth full of words that needed to be said and no one to say them to. I was so angry at myself for not having taken the time during that last year to tell him how special he was and how much he mattered to me. It had been near the top of my to do list for months, but I assumed there would be plenty of time for all of that and more. What is it they say about assuming?

I really hope no one else has to learn that lesson the hard way like I did. So please tell your Virgo how you feel. If there are things that need to be said, say them. Remember that Virgos don't demand a lot of attention or fish for compliments, but they need to hear them. Let your gift selection show that you know who they really are . . . that you "get" them. That they are loved and appreciated. You won't be sorry.

Here we've collected a variety of gifts to help you get your thoughts flowing, but you know the secret to your Virgo's heart and how to pick the perfect gift for them far better than we ever will. We have gifts with nature and gardening themes, Virgo symbols, and even a few for bass players and Virgo musicians. If you head over to our shop Design Your World you'll find gifts for all kinds of interests and tastes. And if your favorite Virgo's obsession isn't covered, drop us a line and tell us what subject or subjects you're seeking and we'll create a special page with gifts all about that. We'd love to do it! We may not know your Virgo, but we're pretty good at finding the perfect gift with an idea of what we're looking for. In any case, don't miss this chance to show your Virgo how much they matter to you.

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