Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last Chance for Virgo Gifts

Or almost, anyway. For a late in the month Virgo you still have a couple of days, but no time to waste. This is a particularly nice part of the month for Virgos this year, as we're approaching the once a year Virgo New Moon, with positive and growth promoting aspects from Jupiter and Virgo's ruling planet Mercury. Optimism is in the air. If you still have no idea what to get your Virgo, let your intuition guide you to the perfect gift. The odds are good that you'll get it right.

Virgo style is practical and not too flashy. They're natural nurturers and caretakers, though sometimes a bit introverted. Anything that offers a practical home improvement solution is a good choice. Small hand held massagers or books on natural healing techniques will encourage their natural healer and could be a nice treat for the people around them, too. Virgos are also very focused on self-improvement, though probably above your typical self-improvement guru's rhetoric. What is your Virgo interested in learning? Anything that will assist them in that direction will be appreciated and well utilized. If they're technically inclined, a special case or sleeve for their laptop or phone is a nice idea, as they love to look after the things they value most. If they're a more old fashioned type Earth sign, something nice for the home or a good book will be good choices.

Whatever you decide on, you'd better do it fast. Here are some fun Virgo gifts to get you thinking.

Virgo Mouse pad
Virgo Mouse pad by ImpressImages
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Zodiac Virgo Keepsake Box
Zodiac Virgo Keepsake Box by allzodiac
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