Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daily Decode for Tuesday, June 12th 012

Moon in Aries today says, “Charge! Full speed ahead.” This afternoon the Moon aligns with exciting, electric, unpredictable Uranus bringing unexpected events and possibly brilliant and intuitive thinking and new ideas.

Try looking for inspiration in new places or from a fresh perspective. If you’re buying a gift for someone today, momentarily set aside what you’d been thinking about getting and reevaluate what would be most valuable and appreciated by that person. Not what you’d think or you’d like to have, think about how you imagine they would be thinking. What’s most important to them? What’s their style? All they the all black and dramatic type, or to they delight in soft, fluffy pink? Do they generally dress and decorate in Earth tones, or do they favor soft pastels or neon bright? Do they see themselves as a hard-core rocker, a fashionable pop diva, or the unconventional outsider that won’t fit anyone’s stereotype. Do they have favorite colors? Are they really into kittens, kangaroos or being from Kansas? Do they have a favorite sports team or band? Do they identify with any part of their cultural heritage? (i.e., being Irish, Indian, Latin, Jewish or gypsy, etc.) Assuming they’re over the age of 10 or 12, they’ve started developing their own taste and sense of identity. Think about how they dress, how they decorate, what they think is cool and keep these things in mind when selecting a gift.

Even if you know what you want to get them, a case for their iPhone, a cool shirt or hat, a great poster for their new pad, or maybe pillows or placemats for the new place they just moved into, you can find one that they’ll adore by paying attention to what they’re really into. So if it’s black and metal, puppies and pussycats, hip hop music, hummingbirds or basketball, you can find them what they need in a style they’ll love at a place like Zazzle where there are literally millions of designs to choose from and a great search engine to find them. Don’t limit yourself to just the first few pages of search results either, or you’re apt to miss some of the best new talent. You can add their name or initials to many designs to really personalize it. So go ahead and amaze someone with how you found the perfect gift that is “totally them.”