Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Daily Decode

It's a high energy day today with the Moon joining energetic Mars in Virgo. The Moon and Mars can get a bit emotionally intense together, but in thoughtful reserved Virgo the attention is focused on practical matters, health, organization and green topics like growing organic food and producing things that make life better. A good time to focus on self-improvement and organizing that closet. Express any aggressive sexual energy by doing something nurturing for your partner, like giving them a long massage. The Sun and Mercury close together in Gemini means there'll be a lot of mental energy flying around, as well. You may find yourself with a lot on your mind and an urge to communicate, so share your thoughts, express your feelings and confide your dreams. Communication, like Gemini, is a two way thing, so be sure to listen to your loved ones when they confide in you. Aspects to Venus indicate you may not be over flowing with excess creative energy, but your creative genius with be focused and on task, and it could be a very productive day for you artistic types. Late in the evening, as the Moon starts to make nice with Jupiter you should find yourself happy and optimistic, and perhaps with a healthy appetite. I recommend a glass of wine in bed with your partner over a tub of Häagen-Dazs, But be sure and enjoy it without reservation, whatever you choose.